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webWeb Solutions:

Let Logical Data design or improve your website.

View our online portfolio or contact us to see how our custom web solutions can best suit your needs.


Logical Data consists of a team of dedicated IT professionals who can assist you with all of your computer needs. Extensive experience and ongoing training - which keeps us up to date with the latest technologies - coupled with unsurpassed service and availability allow us to be an important asset to your company. Our clients think of us as their Information Technology staff.

Technical Design and Implementation Services - Technical services include hardware and software installation and repair, integration of existing systems with new systems, local and Wide Area Networking design and implementation.

Technical Support Services - LDS provides your organization with prompt and professional multi-level support. Support can be provided through the Internet, the telephone, or on-site. Logical Data can be hired on retainer or by the hour to keep things running smoothly for you.

Professional Services - Professional services include the ability to analyze your enterprise's entire process from the top down and from the bottom up, across departments and divisions to determine how to increase productivity and gain new efficiencies. With advanced programming experience we can modify and create the new tools and systems you need to succeed.

Web Development Services - Informational sites to intelligent e-commerce sites, Logical Data works with you to deliver what you need. We focus in on what your business does and find efficient ways to automate and promote your company. You can be empowered with custom software based on our libraries and proven solutions. We can work with you to develop a look you like with professional layouts and Flash animations where appropriate. From intelligent and database driven Web information to delivery and more, Logical Data Solutions can get the job done. View our online portfolio and you will see why we receive such acclaim for our work and how we can help your company move forward today. Click here to read more about our web programming services.

Custom Windows Programming Services - Custom Windows programs can be developed to help your organization get the job done more efficiently. Custom reports and other output keep your company looking professional. Standards and intelligence developed in these programs keep your operation running smoothly.

Windows/Web Programming Services - By producing a mix of Windows and Web programs we can make it easy for you to accomplish your tasks while giving your clients a web portal to get the live information they need and interact with your company. Click here to read more about our web programming services.

Custom Solutions:
Have an idea for your website? Talk to Logical Data about it! With our custom web and software solutions, anything is possible.